About Charlotte Jayne

About Me - Charlotte
I am so honoured that you’re considering me to be a part of your wedding. As a bride-to-be myself, I know just how important it is for you to have someone you can wholeheartedly trust to realise all of your dream. 
That means us getting to know one another. 
I can’t wait to meet you both and discover more about you, but in the meantime, here’s a little bit about me to get us started!
My name is Charlotte. I’m a hopeless romantic, an endless dreamer and a lover of all things wholesome. I live in Essex with my fiancé and our wonderful cuddly cats, Daffy and Misty. Friends and family mean everything to me and that’s why I’m so passionate about crafting weddings that are firmly centred around people and the relationships which form their lives.
I launched By Charlotte Jayne in 2020 with the aim of curating beautiful weddings and memories that last forever. I’m so proud to put my name to this, quite literally in fact, because to me your wedding should be as personal as all of the things that define you. 
My career started far from the wondrous world of wedding planning. After graduating from Cambridge in 2011, I became a lawyer specialising in commercial matters and ultimately ending up in-house at a luxury travel company. Getting to apply all of the skills that I’ve curated over the years in my role as a lawyer to planning – detail orientated, client-focussed and completely committed to achieving my client’s goals – has been a journey which I have loved. I like to think as well that my background means I can provide you with a unique skill-set as your planner that is especially important in such uncertain times. 
So, where can you usually find me? 
Well, when I’m not working on beautiful weddings or indeed, planning my own, you can most often find me in the heart of the home – our kitchen, which we’ve spent the past four months renovating. I’ll likely to be listening to *Dancing in the Moonlight* on repeat with a cat perched on my lap and something creative on the table (my giant ‘paint by numbers’ canvas is my current lockdown project). That, or reading with a latte in my hand (latte art is another lockdown project which I haven’t quite yet mastered, but I’m getting there!). A fun fact is that I own over 40 books with the word Christmas in the title. What can I say – it really is the most wonderful time of the year! 
I also love seeking our new inspirations that I can pass on to my clients. It’s the little things which make your wedding uniquely you, and that’s why I’m so passionate about the intricate details that are woven throughout the celebration. At the end of the day, it’s *your* love story and it’s so important to me that the day reflects *you* as a couple. 
This is therefore my promise to you: a glorious day full of love, laughter, warmth and merriment. 
I’m fully trained by the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and have also trained with some of the country’s most esteemed planners, including Planning Redefined. You can therefore trust that I have the knowledge, skills, professionalism and network to deliver your perfect day. But more than that, I will be there for you in a way which can’t be taught – I’ll be your bff, your cheerleader and the person who will be there for you throughout the entire process, come morning, noon, rain or shine.
I am so excited for you both, and whatever planner you choose to go with, I am sending all my love and well wishes. Of course, if you have any more questions about me or how I can help to support you, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Lots of love